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U.S. Route 1 north - Maryland line to Philadelphia

U.S. Route 1, after a trip from Washington, DC through Baltimore and northeastern Maryland, crosses the Mason-Dixon Line here into West Nottingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Downtown Philadelphia is approximately 51 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

Immediately after crossing the state line, US 1 expands from a two-lane road into a four-lane divided highway. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The first northbound US 1 reassurance shield in Pennsylvania. This segment of US 1 is officially the John H. Ware III Memorial Highway. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

As it prepares to become a freeway, US 1's speed limit is marked as 55 miles per hour. The orange diamonds indicate reduced speeds on limited-access highways in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The last at-grade intersection for more than 20 miles is with Ridge Road. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

On this note, US 1 becomes the Kennett Oxford Bypass, which runs roughly 21 miles to the area of Kennett Square to the northeast. The first exit serves Pennsylvania Route 272 and the community of Nottingham, home of the Herr's potato chip company. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

Herr's and a nearby Wawa are listed as services by this blue sign. These signs are more commonly situated on Interstate highways. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

PA 272 is half a mile away. Non-interstate freeways in Pennsylvania do not have exit numbers; one temporary exception is U.S. Route 15 between Williamsport and the New York state line, whose exits were numbered in 2019 in preparation for Interstate 99 being extended along that corridor. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

Before the exit, Park Road, named for the Nottingham County Park, crosses over the highway. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The ramp to PA 272 leaves US 1 ahead. PA 272 is numbered for continuity with Maryland Route 272; the route when viewed as a singular entity runs between Cecil County, Maryland's Elk Neck and the Lancaster-Berks county line via the city of Lancaster. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

Accordingly, US 1 passes under PA 272. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The exit is followed by US 1 reassurance. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

US 1 now pushes northward, with the Forge Road overpass in the distance. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The borough of Oxford is approaching. Serving Oxford are exits with Pennsylvania routes 472 and 10. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

Trees and open land greet the highway in between exits. Photo taken 07-05-2016.

The exit for PA 472, serving Quarryville in nearby Lancaster County and Oxford, sits a mile ahead. Photo taken 07-05-2016.