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Interstate 83 north - Maryland line to Camp Hill

Interstate 83, after a 34-mile trip through northern Maryland, crosses the Mason-Dixon Line into Shrewsbury Township, York County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I-83 is 51 miles within Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The first northbound reassurance marker in Pennsylvania as well as a dynamic message sign, in this case displaying travel times to Pennsylvania Route 581 a great distance northward, sit shortly over the border. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

A Pennsylvania welcome center lies a mile and a half ahead. Meanwhile, the highway's median has become a concrete barrier. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

Many billboards such as this one line I-83 through the Commonwealth. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

Pennsylvania's segment of I-83 is one of many highways in the country dedicated to American veterans of foreign wars. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

The "next rest area" indicated by this sign sits along Interstate 81 near Grantville in Dauphin County, approximately nine miles past I-83's northern terminus at the highway. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

Before the welcome center, the highway passes under Windy Hill Road. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

The welcome center is accessible here. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

I-83's first exit in Pennsylvania is exit 4, previously exit 1 sequentially, and serves Pennsylvania Route 851 and the borough of Shrewsbury. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

Since this is the closest exit to the state line, it contains an array of driver services, with food options being presented here. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

Exit 4 splits off ahead. PA 851 heads east toward Stewartstown and ultimately to Pennsylvania Route 74 in Peach Bottom Township. It also heads west toward New Freedom and, via routes 516 and 216, Hanover. Photo taken 06-28-2016.

While Shrewsbury is officially in the York-Hanover metropolitan area, it can be considered a bedroom community of Baltimore owing to its location just off I-83, less than 40 miles north of the city, and somewhat suburban nature. Exit 4 was originally a simple diamond interchange; due to increasing traffic, it was converted into a diverging diamond, a project completed in August 2021. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Traffic coming in from PA 851 now merges onto northbound I-83. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Past the exit, the highway crosses over Mount Airy Road. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

After passing under Plank Road, a sign states that the Glen Rock exit (but not the actual borough) is three miles ahead, York 12 miles and Harrisburg 38 miles. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

A somewhat wooded area follows. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Exit 8, Pennsylvania Route 216 toward the above-mentioned Glen Rock, is two miles ahead. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Meanwhile, I-83 passes under Hain Road. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Exit 8 is now a mile away. Photo taken 07-11-2016.

Before the exit, I-83 enters Springfield Township. Photo taken 07-11-2016.