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Interstate 81 north

As it prepares to cross the Potomac River from West Virginia's eastern panhandle, Interstate 81 enters Maryland, with a welcome sign in the median. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The approximate midpoint of the Potomac bridge. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

At the end of the bridge, exit 1, Maryland routes 63 and 68 toward Williamsport and Boonsboro, is announced as being half a mile away. A separate notation below states the highway has entered Washington County. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The historic Antietam Battlefield and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal's Cushwa Basin are accessible from the exit. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Drivers wishing to reach Interstate 68 at Hancock, perhaps to circumvent the Pennsylvania Turnpike, are to follow I-81 a few miles northward to exit 4, where it meets I-70. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Exit 1 is just ahead, but obscured by traffic. MD 68 goes northwestward to I-70 at Clear Spring, beyond which lies access to ski areas in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-81 proceeds to cross over MD 63/68. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Exit 2, U.S. Route 11 serving Williamsport, is a mile ahead. I-81 is the functional replacement of much of US 11 between east Tennessee and far upstate New York. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

After the highway straightens out, exit 2 is half a mile away. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Maryland's portion of I-81 is designated as the Maryland Veterans Memorial Highway. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Exit 2 has been reached, and exit 4, for Interstate 70 east toward Frederick and west toward Hancock, is a mile to the north. Photo taken 08-05-2016.