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Interstate 66 west

In northwest Washington, DC, the E Street Expressway approaches a tunnel under Virginia Avenue after receiving traffic from 20th and E streets, as it leads to the earnest beginning of Interstate 66. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Past Virginia Avenue, a pair of old overhead signs points the ways to E Street, onto which truck traffic is directed, and I-66 proper. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

E Street is a left exit, as a ramp from 25th Street comes in and the highway passes the Kennedy Center. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Subsequently, traffic from westbound E Street merges in. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Finally, the highway receives a ramp from westbound Constitution Avenue, otherwise known as U.S. Route 50, and I-66 heads west toward the Roosevelt Bridge over the Potomac River, concurrent with US 50. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Drivers staying on I-66, marked toward Rosslyn in Arlington, Virginia just ahead, are advised to keep left. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The next exit is where US 50 leaves the highway as Arlington Boulevard. There is also a ramp to the George Washington Parkway from the same offramp. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

A gantry at the end of the bridge indicates an HOV lane is at far-left, displays travel times to Front Royal a considerable distance ahead as well as Dulles Airport, and points the way to Arlington Boulevard and the GW Parkway. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

US 50 leaves I-66 on this exit ramp. 1000 Wilson Boulevard, home of a branch of Grant Thornton, is visible at far-right. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The highway curves sharply to the right as it has now entered Rosslyn, and the left lane ends just ahead. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

A Virginia welcome sign sits here. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Exit 73, U.S. Route 29/Lee Highway into Rosslyn and toward the Key Bridge back into DC, is approaching. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Another dynamic message sign with I-66 reassurance is situated on the gantry pointing to exit 73. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The exit 73 gore sign, with the ramp itself at far-right. In the distance sits the Key Bridge Marriott. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-66 then prepares to pass under Lynn Street and Rosslyn's Gateway Park, as a sign pointing the way to the Capital Beltway (I-495) and a move over for emergency vehicles sign line the westbound lanes. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

North Lynn Street is specifically noted as I-66 begins its passage through the tunnel. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The highway then emerges parallel to the southbound lanes of US 29, known here as Langston Boulevard, and passes by the Air Force Association's headquarters. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The next overpass is North Scott Street. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

After a bend in I-66, southbound US 29 passes over the highway and proceeds to rejoin US 29 north. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

A subsequent I-66 reassurance shield sits among trees, as the highway passes south of Spout Run and accompanying parkland. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The highway then crosses over Spout Run Parkway (Virginia State Route 124), and the Custis Trail. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Afterward, a bridge of similar design takes I-66 back over US 29, which has an eastbound exit/westbound entrance (72) with the highway here. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Westbound I-66 receives the onramp from US 29, which becomes a third lane for the carriageway. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-66 now begins to pass north of Arlington's Ballston district and approaches exit 71, Virginia State Route 120/Glebe Road. This sign is mounted on North Lincoln Street's overpass over the highway. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The National Science Foundation is off the next exit. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Ballston is noted as being reached from the next exit. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Marymount University and the Arlington campus of George Mason University are also located off exit 71. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

After I-66 passes under North Quincy Street and part of the property of Washington-Liberty High School, the Arlington Center of Northern Virginia Community College is noted to be off the next exit. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-66 passes under North Utah Street as it approaches exit 71, which is a westbound exit and eastbound entrance. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

Glebe Road crosses over I-66 here. In addition to the aforementioned points, Glebe Road heads south to the Ballston Quarter mall and to the Washington Capitals' practice facility, the MedStar Capitals Iceplex. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The highway's next overpass is Washington Boulevard. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-66 then bends to the right and passes under George Mason Drive. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The highway then receives westbound Fairfax Drive, the crossroad of the eastbound complement of exit 71. Fairfax Drive heads back east into Ballston and toward Clarendon. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

I-66 reassurance follows this series of ramps and overpasses as the highway approaches the North Harrison Street overpass. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The speed limit is marked as 55 miles per hour. Photo taken 08-05-2016.

The Orange and Silver lines of the Washington Metro have emerged from underground and are now in the median of I-66, remaining there for about nine miles until ending in Vienna. Photo taken 08-05-2016.