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Interstate 70 West - Baltimore to Frederick

The flyover ramp from the inner loop of Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) to westbound Interstate 70 in Woodlawn, Maryland, west of Baltimore, passes under I-70 here. It is part of a locally famous four-level stack interchange, which is somewhat underused as a result of I-70's abrupt end just to the east. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

Once all traffic from the Beltway comes in, I-70 begins in earnest. I-70 was supposed to reach Interstate 95 in west Baltimore, at roughly I-95's current interchange with Washington Boulevard, but nearly its entire city segment was scrapped due to community opposition. Instead, I-70 rises from a park-and-ride at the city/county line. While the brief segment inside the Beltway was reported to be decommissioned in 2014, this is disputed. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

The first westbound I-70 reassurance shield. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

The speed limit for now is 65 miles per hour. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

An overhead sign just further ahead, mounted on an eastbound gantry, displays distances to four cities along I-70's path: Columbus, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; and I-70's western terminus, Cove Fort, Utah. Installed in 2004 as a test sign for Clearview font and initially at ground level next to the westbound carriageway, the State Highway Administration eventually decided to make it a permanent fixture to add to Baltimore's status as I-70's east end. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

A dynamic message sign hangs over the westbound carriageway as I-70 begins descending into the Patapsco River valley. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

A bridge over the Patapsco River sits in the distance, just further downhill. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

At the bottom of the hill, exit 87, U.S. Route 29 toward Columbia and Washington, DC, is announced to be two miles ahead. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

I-70 now crosses the main branch of the Patapsco River. This bridge is considered part of the Patapsco Valley State Park, which has a separate portion in the Catonsville-Arbutus area to the south. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

The highway has now entered Howard County, and specifically the area of Ellicott City, the county seat. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

At exit 87, the ramp from westbound I-70 to southbound US 29 is a left exit which passes under the eastbound carriageway. US 29 officially has its northern terminus at Maryland Route 99 just north of the interchange. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

Ellicott City's historic downtown can be reached by taking US 29 south one exit to U.S. Route 40 east. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

The left exit for US 29 south (87A) is just ahead. Prior to that, I-70 passes under Rogers Avenue, which segues into the aforementioned MD 99 at US 29 and also leads into downtown Ellicott City in the other direction. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

Exit 87B for the northernmost few feet of US 29 branches off in the distance. Photo taken 07-18-2016.

Exit 87B for the northernmost few feet of US 29 branches off in the distance. Photo taken 07-18-2016.